Saturday, 3 September 2011

Buzz, buzz, buzz...

My son Finley's first birthday party!

 mommy and the birthday boy!

bee hive cake: ready for the birthday boy!

brunch buffet

sunny table

I baked the cake in a stainless steel bowl and layered with another 6" pan.  Vanilla with lemon curd filling.. yum!!

drippy corn syrup on top!

buggy cupcakes!  Super cute DIY printables by :

loot bags and favours

grown up favours: handmade teabags and honey sticks from David's Tea

kid's table

fresh juices


  1. Wow. What a beautiful party setup. I love the cake.


  2. what a beautiful cake! may I ask what kind of frosting you used for the cake?


  3. Hi Carla-- thanks! I used an italian meringue butter cream frosting, and topped it off with drizzled corn syrup. The icing was coloured with gel food colouring in golden yellow. :-)